Agreement Between Compensation Bodies And Guarantee Funds

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At the victim`s request, the compensation agency shall, within two months of filing the right with the compensation agency, on the condition that the insurance company (or its representative) has not sent a reasoned response to the aggrieved person within that time. The compensation body examines the rights to use vehicles registered in the EEA when: the agreement between the compensation bodies and the guarantee fund organises cooperation between European compensation bodies and guarantee funds in Europe with regard to the handling of claims. The Guarantee Fund is established in each EEA Member State in accordance with Directive 2 (84/5/EEC) and must reimburse damage caused to property or persons caused by a vehicle whose identity or insurer cannot be traced (unidentified vehicles) or for which the insurance obligation has not been fulfilled (uninsured vehicles). Guarantee Fund commitments may be subject to conditions, as detailed in the codified VERSION. In addition, it goes without saying that Member States are free to entrust the guarantee fund to other tasks. The compensation body examines a claim if: the Rotterdam agreement completes the agreement between the compensation bodies and the guarantee fund. The information centre provides road victims and social security agencies with the information they need to qualify for compensation. In order to allow a victim of a road accident to claim compensation, the information centre is responsible for: > No reasoned response within three months: the compensation agency intervenes when the insurer of the responsible vehicle and/or its representative has not responded to the request within three months of submitting the application. The NGF covers damage caused in Switzerland by unidentified or uninsured vehicles, trailers, bicycles and vehicle-like equipment. The NGF also intervenes in the event of bankruptcy of the competent Swiss mtpl insurer and fulfils the functions of the compensation agency. The Fourth Motor Insurance Directive established the creation of a compensation body based in Poland, carried out by the Polish Automobile Insurance Bureau on the basis of the Compulsory Insurance Act, the Insurance Guarantee Fund and the Polish Automobile Insurance Office of 22 May 2003. If the aggrieved person has taken legal action against the insurance company, the compensation agency does not take into account the claims. Following the implementation of the 4th European Directive on MiBI Car Insurance in Ireland in 2003, mibi was appointed by the Minister of Transport as a compensation agency.

Applicants residing in Switzerland can report liability to the compensation agency of the Swiss National Guarantee Fund in the event of damages suffered in Switzerland in the event of a breach of legal obligations arising from the handling of claims. Each EEA Member State is required to set up or approve a compensation body to compensate the victim for accidents caused in an EEA Member State other than the one where the victim resides, in the following four situations: In Poland, the function of information centre is provided by: the Swiss Insurance Office increases the comfort of the international insurance card, often referred to as the “green card” in daily life. From 1 July 2020, Swiss insurance companies will be able to send the card by elec-tronic to their customers. To simplify printing, the card is now also valid on white paper. The information centre is responsible for collecting and disseminating all information relating to compulsory car insurance contracts as well as to the agents appointed by insurance companies.