Voting Process For Enterprise Agreement

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Each enterprise agreement must include a concept of flexibility with individual modalities of flexibility. A fast and efficient workforce that votes in favour of the introduction of protected action votes. Quick return fully compliant with Fair Work Australia`s Fair Work Act 2009. After all the hard work it takes to put an enterprise agreement into the licensing phase, including months or even years of negotiations, and then get the workers` approval, it is devastating that an enterprise agreement is denied at the last hurdle. It can also have a negative impact on staff credibility. That is why we recommend that employers who are preparing or consider designing or negotiating an enterprise agreement contact Russell Kennedy`s labour relations, employment and security team to ensure that the enterprise agreement is not the same as McNab`s. Our team has extensive experience in assisting employers in the development and negotiation of enterprise agreements, in compliance with pre-approval steps and with the Fair Work Commission to support the approval process. In McNab, questions were asked about the “access time,” the seven-day delay that ends just before the voting process begins. Meanwhile, employers are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that: Bespoke Software. CIVS has developed software designed from scratch for voting on the enterprise agreement. Greenfields agreements are permitted where workers` organizations covered by the agreement have the right to represent the interests of the majority of workers, which is in the public interest. If necessary, the Commission for Fair Work can adopt a negotiating decision on the proposed agreement. A negotiating settlement will include measures that the Fair Work Commission must take, measures that should not be taken and other issues that the Commission deems necessary for fair work to promote fair and effective negotiations.

Once the negotiations are over and a draft enterprise agreement is completed, it must be voted on by the workers covered by the agreement. Penrhos College has sought approval for an individual enterprise agreement known as penrhos College Teaching Staff Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2012. The Independent Education Union of Australia WA Branch did not support the approval of the agreement on the grounds that it was not approved by a valid majority of staff who voted validly. The steps in the process of negotiating an enterprise agreement Without knowing the content of the declaration, the Commission cannot be satisfied that all appropriate measures have been taken to ensure that the conditions and their effects have been explained to the workers who voted on the agreement or that they actually approved the agreement. [10] Because the pre-authorization conditions of the Fair Work Act were not met, the agreement was in breach of authorization. A Greenfields agreement is an enterprise agreement for a new employer or employer business before the workers are employed. This can be either an individual enterprise agreement or an agreement with several companies. The parties to a Greenfields agreement are the employer (or employer in a Greenfields agreement with several companies) and one or more workers` organizations involved (usually a union).